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Belgium premium lighting manufacturer with a  wide range of stylish 
in- and outdoor lighting.
Lucide’s contemporary collection now directly to your Home with Free Delivery and installation*

Can you still imagine a life without LED illuminants? Not us! We understand that they offer multiple added value not only for the environment, but for each and every one of us. Our wide range of illuminants in various shapes, colours and sizes convinces with high quality and an optimal price-performance ratio.

Enter our world of lights we wish you a lot of fun!

Since the first ceiling fan was invented over 100 years ago, fans have been an advocate for making every space a better place. Today lightdubai is considered the expert around here on everything from design inspiration to the latest technology. And we are the first one herto make sure you get the absolute best ceiling fan

Special promotion on LUCIDE OUTDOOR LIGHTING 

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BILTIN - outdoor deck lights IP 67 

starting from AED 169.00

NISPEN - outdoor Wall light IP44

starting from AED 169.00

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TANTUM - garden spot light IP 65 

starting from AED 269.00

DUDLEY Outside Wall Light IP65 

starting from AED 219.00

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TENSO SOLAR Bollard light IP54 

starting from AED 419.00

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A selection of staircase lighting inspirations for your home

Staircase lighting

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a fresh breeze with design

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 Outdoor fans


Chandeliers bring sophistication into your dining space while creating an instant focal point in the room.

Over the dining table

A perfect season to switch off costly Air condition and get the right freshness with one of our ceiling fans

Modern ceiling fans

new arrivals may 2021

over 200 new designs and innovative lighting fixtures and fans for indoor and outdoor

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WOLFRAM > click on pic for dettails

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CARBONY > click on pic for dettails

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top 3 selection of this week from our design partners

major UAE designers and interiors are our columns in product selections 

This pendant light, named Ruben, is a great eye-catcher in your home. The sleek lamp with four light bulbs has a striking brass fitting. The stylish, metal frame of Ruben allows the lamp to fit in with your dining table or kitchen island effortlessly. The height of the lamp is determined by you. Simply adjust the length of the cables before you connect Ruben to the ceiling. Choose a LED bulb with a warm, white light for added atmosphere. It can also be connected to a dimmer

FUSETTA IN BLUE/BLACK  & MONTEFANO in RED/BLACK  is a modern contemporary collection that will truly reflect the uniqueness of HANDBLOWN GLASS. It's Natural coloured transparency, square together with elegant curves. MONTEFANO and FUSETTA is a tribute to simple elegance and nature, which has always been our main inspiration. 

Available as 12, 8 or 6 light chandelier with coordinated wall-lamp.

More is better. At least, that is the case with this pendant light, named Joannet. Not one or two, but as many as six light points dangle down stylishly from the mounting plate. Surrounded by an elegant glass shell, with a dialogue between bright and fumé areas. The varying sizes of the glassware add dynamic to the luminaire. To enjoy the magic to the max, choose filament lamps. Connect Joannet to a dimmer to immediately bring in a real mood maker.

todays special AED 89,00

todays special AED 199,00

todays special AED 399,00


todays special AED 125,00

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todays special AED 299,00


todays special AED 499,00


application special JUNE 2021

A little lighting can go a long way, and under cabinet lighting will transform your kitchen . Highlight the beauty of your kitchen while illuminating darker corners. Whether you need full under cabinet lighting in your kitchen, or want to accent upper or below cabinet light to shine making your space feel more open and welcoming.

Under cabinet lighting is the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen with  energy-efficient LED and it will help to give your kitchen a more modern look and feel. Illuminating your countertops not only makes them look great, but also allows you to see better as you prep fruits and vegetables while cooking. You’ll feel more at ease cutting and chopping knowing you can clearly see each motion you make.


Make Everyday Tasks Easier and give your kitchen a new shine With Under and Upper Cabinet Lighting from lightdubai

AED 129.00 by linear meter



(select between corner or straight profile)

LED strip light IP65 (waterproof)

(select between 2700 or 4000K)

LED driver

(Tridonic Austria)

complete installation

(including consumables/wires)


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