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With 25years of Experience in Lighting  I founded lightdubai to give customers via our Online Platform a winning combination of service, selection and value.

All our mainly European based top brand products are directly from the manufacturer to the user without any middle man or Importer in order to allow to purchase thousands of exclusive and patented designs in lighting at reasonable pricing.

We are yes a so called online store but with our unique online/offline concept and our in on site  presence with offices and warehouse in Dubai also physically available for all your needs.


The uniqueness of lightdubai lays in free delivery with installation service and a 5 years total warranty on all our products including lightbulbs and consumables.  

My trained team and myself can help with a full range of services including

in-home lighting and/or decoration consultations and

lighting installation (even for products not purchased from us)

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Roland W. Koch 

CEO & Founder 

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