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Bedroom Wall Lighting Ideas

Bedroom wall lights are a great way to add functional style to your bedroom and can be installed virtually anywhere in your room since you can hardwire them for a cleaner look or just plug them in when hard wiring isn’t possible. Keep in mind the overall design of your room and choose lights that have a complementary style and finish. Choose modern sconces with integrated USB or Induction Charger for your Mobile Phone or adjustable wall lamps  to achieve perfect layered lighting in your space and consider using wall lights to accentuate interesting architecture or features in your room.

Simply Classic


Bedside wall lighting is an easy way to give your bedroom a new look. For clean lines and a familiar feel, look for a simple bedroom wall light with classic features. A simple black fixture with an adjustable arm can complement just about any decor and can fit into the tightest of spaces if you don’t have room for a bedside table

Classic and Contemporary

For a contemporary bedroom, wall lights in an interesting but classic shape can look great. Choose ones that have an opaque glass globe for soft diffuse lighting that shines in all directions and mount them slightly higher on the wall on either side of your bed.

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