lightdubai as part of Renami Group is always trying to present all lamps and lights available from our production in our online shop and to make them available and easy accessible for our customers in the middle east.
Thank goodness we have an extremely extensive group assortment but unfortunately we just sometimes lack the time to load all products on our website.
We have therefore decided to release all our catalogs in digital format for download and if you cannot find the product you are looking for on our website, our customer service team is available to provide you with price and delivery information.

Simply click on the desired catalog and you can start browsing and selecting.

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Indoor decorative Lighting catalogues:

projects & products


exclusive collection 


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fancy news 


brusi barcelona

classic chandeliers

new years news 





my fancy light


my fancy light


my fancy light

Outdoor Lighting catalogues:

wiva outdoor


outdoor lighting


outdoor lighting


outdoor lighting

dopo spain

outdoor lighting

renami eco

outdoor lighting

athena classic

outdoor lighting

Technical and Architectural Lighting:

koch lighting led strips and

led strip light & profiles

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