Innovative style, reduced dimensions, linear and harmonious design. Maximum functionality due to the total and independent adjustability of all the lights installed on the fixture. The “custom” solutions offer the possibility to personalize all parts of the fixtures in colors, textures and finishes.


Lighting with the new intenseLED+ technology gives illuminated objects a high color saturation and an exceptional enhancement of details and
textures. Product sectors such as clothing, cosmetics, cars and food are the businesses that will benefit most from this new technology which
helps to make products more attractive to consumers. The intenseLED+ technology has been developed on the basis of new color saturation
parameters, which make illuminated objects sharper and clearer, in line with the new visual merchandising trends.

The hybrid technology optics is based on a combined lens-reflector that makes it possible to transform and improve the light beam with an efficiency in conveying the beam exceeding 90%. The single point source generates a light beam with high homogeneity without the typical halo effect around the outer contour. The combined effect of the open space surrounding the lens can and the helical twisted fins on the back of the enclosure gives the front of the lamp a pleasing aspect while guaranteeing excellent heat dissipation.

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