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Take your time when choosing your fan model because, in addition to shape and colour, there are other important factors that will make having a ceiling fan in your home or office indispensable soon.

Here you will find the right model for every taste and application.  On this page and on our Webshop we have tried to pass on to you the experience we have gained over the past 30 years in an easily understandable way.

If we include a fan in our catalogue, you can be sure that it meets the highest quality standards. Unlike those of the many manufacturers of downmarket products, all our units are designed for long-term use and come with a minimum 25 years warranty. In times of rising energy costs, we, as a market leader in the retail sector, consider the use of pioneering energy-saving techniques as highly important. The new “Eco“ models, which consume only between 23 and 31 watts have the same air handling capacity and effective range as a conventional ceiling fan using 70 watts while having only a third of their consumption!

Many ceiling fans may look very similar to our models. Even so, identical appearance does not mean identical performance. Of crucial importance in the quality of a fan are aspects that, at a first glance, invisible. The heart of a fan is his motor. The materials used in the core and the windings affect performance and thus the motor’s energy consumption. The windings must be tight and as even as possible. Important factors in achieving smooth running are balanced stators and accessories such as the blades and the blade mountings. These are all parts of a fan that are invisible. Separating “the wheat from the chaff” is therefore only possible during daily operation. Nothing is more unpleasant than a ceiling fan that is unbalanced, makes a lot of noise or which stops working entirely when in continuous operation. Our proposed products  only use high-quality, tested components. The motors are designed for continuous operation and have sufficient extra capacity. Only after many years, when a blade gets bent when moving house or the motor housing gets dented, it becomes apparent whether the manufacturer has a systematic replacement parts service. And whoever has tried to purchase a 3-speed pull-cord switch on its own, appreciates that we keep every spare part in stock - from the switch to the motor - even for devices that we delivered 20 years ago.

our brands


Market leader from Germany for Energy Efficent Fans and Ventilators. 

The new “Eco“ models, which consume only between 23 and 31 watts have the same air handling capacity and effective range as a conventional ceiling fan using 70 watts while having only a third of their consumption!


Combining design and practicality, Vortice ventilation products handle air efficiently and safely, with care for the environment and for the well-being of people. Commercial / Industrial Ceiling fans from combine designand focus on long lasting products with minimal maintenance


The Modern Fan Co. is the original and premier source for contemporary ceiling fan design, producing the most complete, exclusively modern collection of ceiling fans available. Modern fan products celebrate the modern idiom through mechanical simplification, geometric forms and contemporary finishes.  


Born in 2008 in Barcelona (Spain) as a result of the illusion of starting a project in the fan industry, providing the customer with efficient, functional and aesthetic   a collection of ceiling fans with and without light. Today, 12 years later, the project continue with the humility and illusion of the first day.


The original and premier source for contemporary and modern solid wood blade fans packed with latest technology exceptional quality, service and value for money  this 100% European run and owned company provide both high quality products with high speed and  Airflow capacities  that is second to none


Founded in Valencia, Spain, in 1967, by Richard W. Schuller, and began operating under the name of Metales Artisticos Schuller SA, which was devoted mainly to the manufacture of lamps and light fittings. A few years later, he created another company,  which then concentrated on ceiling fan  manufacturing. 


More than 50 years of experience in the fans market. Beacon's story began in Melbourne in 1967. Since then, grown to become Australia’s leading specialist of  fans.

Since 2016 Beacon expanded worldwide and  proudly leads the way when it comes to innovation and the latest technology.

Kichler is more than just a fan company.  A "bring people together" company. From the humble beginnings in 1938 to the global brand they've become today, the focus has always been strengthening and growing relationships, both the ones  fostered with customers and the ones their customers share with friends and family in the wind of their fans.

hunter fans on

Since he invented the first ceiling fan over 100 years ago in the USA, Hunter has been an advocate for making every space a better place. Today he’s considered the expert around here on everything from design inspiration to the latest technology. He’s the first one here every morning to make sure you get the absolute best ceiling fan.

With over 40 years of experience , FARO is definitely one of the  best choices when it come to ceiling fans. FARO BARCELONA believes in honest and accessible design. Design for everyone. FARO proudly leads the way when it comes to innovation and the latest technology

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