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DECORATIVE LIGHTING covers all the traditional kinds of light fitting (floor lights, pendants, chandeliers, etc) and differentiates them from technical or architectural lighting (e.g. downlighters). The basis for the difference is that the decorative light fitting can be seen ... a decorative light element takes a room into a whole new level. Yes, we're talking about prioritizing style over function here, but when it comes to decorative lighting, it's worth it. Illuminate your space while expressing your style with decorative lighting that lets you and your guests admire your brilliant home.


ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING  is basically the illumination for structural design and function. It is more deeply defined as an interaction between art (architecture) and technology (lighting). Its concepts may apply to both commercial and residential architecture.

Architectural Lighting comprehends the 3 Types of Lighting:

Ambient Lighting ( Spot and Down-Lights, Strip/Cove Lighting )

Task Lighting (Lights for Offices and Work Spaces) 

Accent Lighting ( Track and Track Light systems and Spot-Lights)

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