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In a world overloaded with information and images, minimalism is a new luxury that should by no means be synonymous with asceticism. In this collection, we have collected clean modern forms and materials with  a predominance of natural neutral shades. 
The stylistics of the lamps works with the rethinking of complex shapes and initial materials without the use of additional decorative elements. The luminaires maintain a strict interior design without oversimplifying 
the overall impression of the space


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The collection combines sensuality and special energy, freedom, rejection of conventions and prohibitions. Here are collected lamps that combine versatility and convenience, elegant in their casualness. The collection combines simple shapes and work with natural fabrics in natural shades to create comfort in any space. The collection is perfect for living spaces full of comfort, as well as for hotels where the interior is designed to relax


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The peak of interior design falls on the 50-60s of the XX century. The Modern collection is united by the iconic elements of this period — brass, rounded shapes and balls, frosted glass and a variety of compositions of versatile geometric shapes. In this collection we have collected iconic models that have been and remain at the acme of interior design

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The heart of the collection is crystal and all its formats of existence in all modern styles and forms. From a thin set of small pendants to large geometric polygonal crystals. The collection captivates with the aesthetics of The Great Gatsby and refreshes with the novelty of light in a minimalist interior


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The popularity of gentrification in the last half century has made it possible to transform abandoned industrial buildings into residential buildings, hotels, public spaces and the industrial style has presented an abundance of materials with a pronounced texture. New industrial aesthetics based on the decorative value of industrial objects. This collection uses materials such as concrete, raw metal, technologically advanced galvanized glass and luminaires with a reception to demonstrate the internal structure of light sources

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The collection of pendant lights reveals all the facets of the possibilities of using glass. With this collection, opportunities open up both for the formation of simple interior solutions and for placing the necessary accents in the interior.

The collection is assembled from the interpretation 
of classical and antique styles, in which functionality and convenience prevail over decorativeness and pretentiousness. The new classic is good for its versatility, it is suitable for decorating almost any room. The collection uses classic materials, shapes and design elements with a modern minimalist interpretation

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The collection is in the aesthetics of American classics, distinguished by more massive elements of fittings and decor, stable forms, ornaments and more brutal textile elements. Lamps from the collection are suitable for spacious interiors, not overloaded with details

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The collection was created for interiors with an emphasis on quoting and playing on old art forms, on the formation of new connections and new content between them. It is a graceful interpretation of the classics, with the utmost attention to fine decor, delicate fittings composition and maximum variation in textile materials in the lampshades


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Classic crystal in a palace style creates a unique atmosphere of sophistication and bohemian luxury in the room

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