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E27-LED filament-ST64 WITH TWILIGHT SENSOR 4 Watt 2200K (extra warm white) 230lm Amber

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Product Details
EAN: 5411212491275
Brand: lucide - Belgium
DELIVERY TIME: ON STOCK DUBAI - free next day delivery
Energy saving compared to conventional lamps:: min. 80%
Lamp / Socket Type: ST64 / E27
Color Temperature (K): 2200K Extra Warm White
Power (W): 4W 230lm
Dimmable: NO - build in TWILIGHT SENSOR
Size/Dimensions (mm): Ø64 H146
Lifetime (hours): 30,000hrs
Input Voltage: 220/230 VAC 50/60Hz
Protection Class: IP20
Energy Efficiency Class: A++

Twilight Switch: works on twilight principle which automatically switches the light ON in the evening upon sensing darkness and switches the lights OFF IN THE MORNING after sensing daylight.

The Lucide Twilight Sensor LED Filament bulb is the perfect solution for when you wish to convert your existing outdoor lamp into a version with day / night controls. The bulb is equipped with a built-in twilight switch. This lux sensor or day / night switch automatically switches on the lamp in the evening, and switches it off again in the morning. Your outdoor lamp or garden fixture also gets a unique look thanks to the amber-colored glass and the visible, spiral-shaped filament of this LED light source. The extra warm white and diffused light creates functional mood light at the entrance of your home and creates the perfect mood in your garden. Practical, energy-saving and therefore a win-win for your wallet and the environment! The sensor is preprogrammed based on the following light levels: at twilight below 25 lux, the light source switches on, and at daylight above 30 lux, it automatically switches off

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